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3 famous faces that have modeled for Sacoor Brothers!

Sacoor Brothers are having their biggest sale of the year, this Friday Nov 27th at all Sacoor Brothers stores enjoy incredible savings on the biggest shopping day of the year, it's Black Friday!

Check out below 3 famous faces that have modeled for Sacoor Brothers! 

1: Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristinao Ronaldo has been described as the "Perfect Match" by Sacoor Brothers, he's modeled since Summer 2015! 

2: McDreamy (Patrick Dempsey for non-Grey's Anatomy fans!)

Patrick Dempsey became the face of Sacoor Brothers in 2013, check out the video of how they created winter in the midst of summer! 

3: William Baldwin

William is the second youngest Baldwin Brother, and back in Summer 2013 he did the lookbook for Sacoor Brothers, and he looked fabulous! 

We wonder what famous faces the Sacoor Brothers will use next!