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2,000 cameras will be monitoring Dubai's street soon!

2,000 more street cameras have been installed by Dubai Police, across the city to catch road violators. 

The purpose built cameras will work the same as road radars, but authorities will be continuously watching the live feed. The cameras, which don't flash when capturing violators, will be on the look out for speeders, people driving on the hard shoulder and red light jumpers.

The cameras are part of the "We Are All Police" initiative, that was introduced in late 2015. The initiative allows residents and citizens of Dubai, to report traffic violators via the Dubai Police app. 

On top of the new cameras, 12 state-of-the-art radars will be installed later this year that will take photos with 360° capabilities, which means if you slow down when you reach a speed camera, and speed back up again, the camera will still catch you! 

The new cameras and initiatives are to be put in place in an attempt to  achieve zero deaths per 100,000 inhabitants by the year 2020.