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15 Lessons you've learned the hard way in the UAE!

It's no secret that we all do things that we end up regretting. But here are some lessons we have had to learn the hard way, while living in Dubai! 

1: Heading to Sharjah at 4pm 

Probably one of the biggest mistakes anyone could ever make.

2: Giving your phone number to a retail store

And receiving SMSs about their sales every day of the week! 

3: Trying to get a cab at midday on a Friday 

The impossible task of trying not to drive to bunch! 

4: Trying to get a cab between 6-7pm 

Yeah, it's never going to happen! 

5: Turning on tour guide mode when friends arrive

Every.. Single.. Time! 

6: Going to Dubai Mall on a Friday

Bet you regret that one, don't ya! 

7: Trying to get a taxi at Dubai Mall 

Yeah, that's not going to happy. Especially on a Friday! 

8: Choosing to have a big breakfast before brunch

Erm.. Are you stupid? 

9: Missing your exit on Sheikh Zayed Road and having to go through salik! 

This journey wasn't going to cost me Dh4, but now it is! Good going! 

10: Buying any winter clothes

You always think it's going to be colder than it actually is.. Now you're just sweating in your new jacket! 

11: Going to Outlet Mall during Eid

You know Dubai Mall on a Friday? Times it by 10!

12: When you dress for the cold foggy weather

But it's actually a sandstorm and you're melting. 

13: When you buy that brand new TV 2 days before Gitex

This could've cost me like Dh10 instead of Dh10,000

14: Getting a phone call from your service provider about their new deals.. 

"Yep.. uh huh.. Yeah.. Okay.. Yeah.. Thank you, but no thank you!" 

15: Getting something Organic and it's just a Dh30 Shawarma 

What? It's healthy for you.. It's organic!