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14 tips to live by in the UAE!

Living in the UAE, we all need a survival guide, to make sure we live a happily here as possible, we've put together some of the best tips that have kept us happy in the UAE for so long! 

1: Keep Metro timings in mind!

You don't want to get on the Metro between 7am and 10am and 5pm and 7pm - Rushour on the Metro is the worst, it's hot, crammed, sweaty and if it's a long trip, just assume you're not getting a seat for all of it. 

2: Put sun cream on! 

You may have got that good base tan now, but the sun is stronger than you think. And sunburn hurts! 

3: Always use Google Maps

It doesn't matter if you think there wont be any traffic, check it before you leave! There could be roadworks changing your route, or an accident! 

4: Have breakfast, before brunch!

Trust us, if you're planning on skipping breakfast to fill yourself up on Sushi, you're going to fill up way quicker than you would if you had a light breakfast. It's science! 

5: Don't wear heels to the mall! 

Chances are you'll forget where the shop you wanted to go is, and you've got to walk an extra kilometer to get to where you want to go. Comfort is key when shopping! Show off the heels some place else, plus every other woman is judging you for you decision! 

6: Cheesecake Factory right or don't Cheesecake Factory at all! 

If you're planning on having a Cheesecake by the end of your meal, share a main with someone else, you won't be able to finish it all, and doggy bagging a Cheesecake is just messy. Starters are just off limits on this occasion! 

7: Where you live is important! 

When you can't be bothered to cook you don't want to have a rubbish variety on Talabat or Food on Click. So find a decent central area for delivery! 

8: If you're looking for ONE thing, don't go to Dubai Mall! 

Because you won't come out with just 1 thing! 

9: Save your money! 

Trust us, this one is important. If you don't save up money, you're never gonna be able to get on holiday. And if it's time to go back home, you do not want to be broke! 

10: Remember there's a woman's section on the Metro! 

If you're chilling on the Metro and there's lots of woman glaring at you, you're probably in the wrong area! And remember that between 7am and 9am in the morning and 5pm and 8pm the carriage next to the woman's section, is more woman's section! 

11: Don't queue at Du or Etisalat! 

Unless you can't make phone calls, CALL THEM! There's nothing they can't do right in front of you that they can't do through the phone! 

12: "If you can't beat them, join them" is not a good plan! 

If this was a good idea, we would have crashes all over the UAEs roads, Queues would not exist, and the entire country would be chaos! 

13: Make a point whilst queuing! 

Sure, this is a hard one to master, but make sure you make it clear when someone tries to cut in front... A kind point to the back of the line is all that you need to do! 

14: DO NOT throw away your winter clothes! 

You will end up buying more, and that jacket from back home you miss so much, will make you sad. It does rain here, and it does get cold, just don't throw them away.. Okay!