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13 things to prove that you're TOO Dubai!

You always become a little too used to the area you live in, for Dubai though... It is extra noticeable. Here are 13 things that prove you've become far too Dubai! 

1: You expect to be bumped to Business every time you fly

"Do you know where I live? I should be in Business Class!"

2: If a store closes before 10pm, you think it's gone forever

"Have they closed this store down?! It's only 9:30pm, why is it shut?!"

3: You're cold as soon as it drops below 20 degrees celsius 

"So you're telling me you're hot right now?! Hahaha" 

4: You order milk from the supermaket

"Yeah, hi.. Can I make an order for delivery?"

5: You order food from anywhere and everywhere! 

"I'm too busy to cook! I worked a whole 8 hours today!"

6: You can't come into work today because the AC in your car has broken

"You can't expect me to drive in this oven do you?!"

7: Paying half of your wadge on your rent is totally fine

"I'm here for the Dubai lifestyle, so I'm happy to pay a little more" 

8: The other half of your wadge is towards your flashy car

"I've already told you! I'm here for the Dubai lifestyle..."

9: You're never impressed by the super cars 

"Oh that.. Yeah my friend has one of those."

10: Dh500 on brunch every weekend is totally normal! 

"DUBAAAAII LIFEEEESTTTYLE.. Don't make me tell you again!" 

11: When the rain comes.. You go mental! 

"Guys guys guys guys!!!!! It's raining outside, quick take a picture of me in the rain!"

12: You have no idea how to pump your own petrol

"What button do I press now? This is so heavy, can someone help me?" 

13: You expect everything to be of 5-star quality 

"I've been to the Burj Al Arab, I know luxury..."