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12 unwritten rules to live by when riding the Metro!

People skills are a good thing to have when riding the metro, and every metro rider needs to know these unwritten rules. To make sure your commute is calm and pleasant, for everyone! 

1: Get through the gate as quickly as you can! 

That means if your Nol Card doesn't work the first time, head to the back. Especially if there is a huge queue!

2: Your designer bag does not deserve a seat! 

We all know it's from Karama anyway!

3: Don't take your shoes off

We're all stuck in what is essentially, a tube. Please don't stink the place out! 

4: If someone is wearing headphone... Don't talk to them! 

They're wearing them for a reason!

5: Headphone wearers: We don't want to hear your music

Turn it down a little bit please! 

6: There are 2 seats, not 3! 

Please don't try and squeeze on to the chair... I have personal space you're violating

7: MEN: You're getting stared at because you're too close to the ladies section


8: If you're going to sleep, don't expect us to wake you up 

And get angry at people next to you when you miss your stop, we didn't know where you were going 


There is even a sign, why does nobody listen! 

10: Don't eat on the metro and expect us to lie for you

We all saw you, and you read the signs... Now pay the fine!