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10 weird ways to lose weight in the UAE!

The idea of going to the gym, to do the same boring work out is enough to put off anyone.

So why don't we make things interesting?! We're searched high and low across the UAE for some of the strangest ways to lose weight, and we've finally got the list perfected! 

Check out 10 weird ways to lose weight in the UAE! 

1: Jump around! 

The trampoline scene in Dubai has upped the ante, with Flip Out Dubai opening Just across the road from Bounce Inc, tensions ran high. Then Bounce Inc hit back with their brand new branch in Abu Dhabi! So have they called it truce? We hope so! 

Because you can head to either trampoline parks and lose a load of weight! NASA has proven that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline, is the equivalent to running on a treadmill for 30 minutes, so flip out/bounce around - whatever suites you!

2: Aquabiking

So this first started to trend when the Kardashians took their personal trainer on holiday with them... Like you would expect anything else from them! Anyway, they took him with them, and popped a spinning bike into their pool - And the rest is history! 

Now you can head to L'Atelier and act like a Kardashian all by yourself! They are the only place in Dubai to offer Aquabiking, and in a 45 minute session you'll loose up to 700 calories! Which means once you're done you CAN have a Big Mac.... Only Kidding! 

3: Rock Climbing

There are so many places in the UAE you can go rock climbing, our personal favourite is Adventure HQ at Yas Mall, it has so many activities you can get stuck into, you won't need to pay for a gym membership! 

But if you want the thrill of rock climbing, why not try it without a harness! Rock Republic in DIP offers something called bouldering, you're on a very soft floor, so if you fall it's not gonna hurt. And you have the chance to free climb across the course. 

4: Paddleboarding

Everyone loves a good paddleboarding session! You feel fabulous, Instagram famous, and healthy! Not entirely sure why, but you kinda do.

Anyway... Kite Beach offers paddleboards for rent, so you and your friends can go out, get the perfect angle of you doing a headstand on the board, with the Burj Al Arab in the background! A great arm workout, plus, instant likes, and maybe a cheeky repost my My Dubai!

5:  Play in a playground

As an adult, all we really want to do is be allowed on a jungle gym, or the new ball pit at Dubai Mall, but we're never allowed! Why? Because we're adults, that's why! But not anymore, OP Lifestyle has you covered! 

They've decided to mix it up, and make their gym look like a playground, so instead of walking around a gym having no idea what equipment to use, run around the playground, and just have fun! That's the best way to lose weight!

6: Juice! 

Get juicing, it's technically not a workout, but it will help you lose weight! Juicing is known as a cleanse and will clear your body of toxins, but it's you've seen the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, you know it also helps you lose a lot of weight really quickly! 

There are so many juice diet options in the UAE, all of which are pretty pricey, but if you're at the point where you need a push into the right direction, and losing a few kilos fast is gonna get you there, it could be worth it! 

7: Flyboard

This has very quickly become a popular thing for anyone visiting Dubai to get stuck into. It's even become a world championship sport, so you never know, you might try it once and realise you were born to do it! 

Flyboarding requires balance, after all you are hovering above the air thanks to water pressure, you concentrating on staying balanced will keep your muscles tense, and once your finished for the day we guarantee you'll be aching the next day! 

8: Skydive... Kinda

We're sure that skydiving out of a plane will help you lose weight some how. But skydiving is expensive, so you can do that every so often, as a treat. But if you want to continuously get active, go skydiving in a tube! 

Two places offer indoor skydiving, Skydive Dubai have InFlight Dubai on the Dubai-Al Ain Road, and iFly Dubai at Mirdif City Centre. Costing from AED220 and up depending on flying time, you'll be out of breathe once you're finished fighting crazy wind speeds!

9: Get hula-hooping! 

Did you know that hula-hooping works your core muscles like crazy? Yeah, they do! And if you find hula-hooping easy, why wouldn't you try it out as an alternative fitness routine?

Flowground in Dubai offer awesome 6 week long sessions, where once a week you head down, all the lights go off, and you have a hula-hooping disco! These guys are currently on a break for the summer, but will soon start up again!

10: Sweat it out! 

Yoga is already becoming a huge part of the Dubai Lifestyle, with the XYoga festival happening earlier this year, closing down the entire Dowtown Dubai Boulevard, you know it's a trend that isn't slowing down any time soon.

So why not take it to the next level and lose a huge amount of weight while doing it, Bikram Yoga is the newest trend to hit the UAE. There are a number of Bikram Yoga cetified centres across the emirates, that you can experience and you never know, you may become a fully fledged yogi afterwards!