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10 things that stress you out in the UAE!

We all love being here, but there are some things that can seriously stress us out while in the UAE. Here are 10 things that stress you out in the UAE.

1: Those Metro doors

When it’s busy, and you were lucky enough to get a seat, but your stop is next, and the carriage is packed, are you going make it to the doors in time? You have no idea, and all it is doing is making you panic and sweat uncontrollably.

2: The traffic  

It’s a daily occurrence, and when you drive into that car park, you’re wishing the bosses car isn’t parked up yet, because you don’t want them knowing you’re late… again! The traffic is going to make you lose your job.

3: You always seem poorer than your friends

You go out, and they’re getting sushi for lunch, while you’re sitting there with a packed lunch, are they getting paid way more than you? Or do you have your priorities straight?! You’ll never know!

4: The dewa bills

You never understand why your dewa bill is still as expensive as it was in summer, you’re not using the AC as much anymore. Yes, the hot water switch gets turned on now, but only for 20 minutes before your shower. You then proceed to get the spanner out, and tighten all your drains.

5: That ‘Dubai Stone’

“I told everyone I wouldn’t put on weight while I was here! But it’s happened, I hate brunch!” If your dewa bills were cheaper you might be able to afford a gym membership, but you don’t get paid as much as your friends, so what’s the point anyway!

6: You’re never going to get a parking space

Anywhere, ever.

7: Your rent

You’re saving for next years rent cheque, and you get slammed with a 5% increase. Where are you going to get that sort of money from? Time to get on Dubizzle…

8: You never have anything to wear

Because obviously you’re still going out. But you can’t keep wearing that same outfit, people are going to begin to notice. Your Facebook pictures look like you’ve had one looooong weekend!

9: You’re never going to get a cab in time

And there are no Ubers close to your location, you start making your way to the Metro Station in the hope a free cab will come past you. It never comes.

10: Your phone bill

You thought post-paid would be a good idea, but then you find yourself phoning your friends back home after a brunch, and now you’ve got a Dh700 bill on your hands. Maybe just take the sim card out and throw it into the sea, that will get rid of it right?