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10 things Dubai does, that no other city can do!

We know Dubai is famous for being outrageously out there, breaking world records left, right and centre, we are famous for doing everything bigger and better! So here are 10 things that Dubai does, like no other city! 

1: Go for a walk on the beach, and ride a camel back to your towel! 

The camels on JBR beach are a tourist attraction in themselves! Everyone loves them!

2: Eat literally everything on offer at brunch, and finish your day off at the beach! 

Dubai does brunch like no other country... Plus, it's still hot enough to catch some rays when you're done at brunch! 

3: Doesn't matter if you've been here 10 months or 10 years, you will always be a little bit of a tourist! 

Your friends back at home NEED to see what Dubai looks like at night on Instagram.. It's the law. 

4: Travel the world without leaving the country! 

No really... Hop on a boat and go round the world! 

5: Be part of the world records! 

Collectively the UAE holds nearly 150 world records! One of the strangest is the most number of nationalities washing their hands simutaneously! 

6: Sky dive over a giant man made palm tree! 

You try and show us any other city that does that! 

7: Cross the creek for a Dirham! 

It's the cheapest, and oldest mode of transport in the UAE. Get involved in the culture and jump on an Abra! 

8: Dine 7 star style! 

The only 7* hotel in the world is in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab is one of a kind! 

9: Experience -3 degrees in the middle of the desert! 

It's 40 degrees outside, so who wouldn't want to go skiing?!

10: Stand on top of the world! 

Okay, maybe night all the way to the top of the Burj Khalifa, we think the 148th floor is high enough!