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10 reasons why taking the Dubai Metro is the worst!

Everyone in Dubai is always looking to get somewhere. The annoying thing is, if you can't drive, it's going to be a nightmare!

Taxi's are too expensive, and busses take too long so your only other option is to take the Dubai Metro. Here are 10 reasons why taking the Metro is the worst! 

1: It is always busy! 

It doesn't matter what time you get on, at some point throughout the journey, it is going to get busy on that train. And people are the worst. 

2: It takes ages!

Granted it is quicker than taking 7 busses to get from Mirdif to Dubai Mall, but the entire time you're on it you're wishing you got a taxi. 

3: It give you way to much time to think to yourself

By the end of the journey, you've realised you need to quit your job, go travelling  for 3 years, and find yourself.

4: You hear everyone else's music

That teenager that can't drive yet is listening to dubstep right next to you, and you have to pretend you can't hear anything, because you don't want to sound old and ask them to turn it down. 

5: You leave the metro feeling insecure

The entire time you are on that metro someone is judging you on your outfit you chose this morning, how your hair is looking, what make up you've used.

Number 1 rule on the metro is to never make eye contact with anyone... They are judging you! 

6: You're planning your future

Overthinking is the worst, especially when you're sat in silence on your own for an hour.

And before you know it you've worked out your finances so you can learn how to drive in Dubai and get your very own car... So you don't have to be on this Metro anymore! 

7: It doesn't smell great

It's between the smell of sweaty people mid-summer or feeling like you're going to pass out from the bleach fumes. 

8: You can't help but fall asleep

It's so relaxing, especially after a days work, you cannot help nodding off! 

9: And then you feel judged again

"Those kids are definitely laughing at the fact I just dozed off and hit my head on the window..."

10: It's so well priced, you can't help but use it again tomorrow!

Because how else will you be able to get to work and save money at the same time?