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10 reasons why being single on Valentine's Day in the UAE sucks

If you're single, Valentine's Day sucks big time, but if you're single and in the UAE on Valentine's Day. It's even worse, here are 11 reasons why being single on Valentine's Day in the UAE sucks.

1: There are Valentine's Day decorations everywhere.. 

Making you feel so unloved it's ridiculous

2: Spinney's is rubbing it in your face

3: The Dubai Mall is telling you to get a boyfriend/girlfriend

It's never ending! 

4: Everything on offer is to do with couples 

"Perfect for you and a loved one" Well, some of us want to do it on our OWN okay! 

5: If you're a man and single, you can forget about getting into that club

Couples only... Lol soz you're single

6: Facebook is literally the worst.

Welcome to the site that allows you to show off how spoilt you got on Feb 14th! 

7: Every advert on Facebook is telling you to get a partner

"Luxury staycations, for you and a loved one."

8: Everyone will be engaged

"It totally came out of nowhere!" - It's Valentine's Day, who are you kidding?

9: The Dubai Fountains make you feel 100x more lonely

When Whitney's "I Will Always Love You" Comes on... Hide the tears! - YOU'RE STRONGER THAN THAT!

10: Every shop assistant thinks you have a partner

"Hello ma'amsir, flowers for your partner"