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Zayn Malik Vs literally anyone he can Tweet shade at!

Is Zayn Malik against the entire world?

At the start of the year Zayn left 1D, then Naughty Boy got involved, and it all got a bit awkward. 

And then started again between Naughty Boy and Malik…

Then shade was thrown at Little Mix through this retweet after his split from Perrie Edwards.

And now shade has been thrown at Taylor Swift, that bae Calvin Harris has intercepted. Are you keeping up?

Malik's retweet was referring to why Taylor Swift wanted her music off of steaming service Spotify, because they don't pay enough. With a quote from Miley Cyrus underneath explaining how she's made her money... You know what, just read the tweet. 

Well.. New bae Calvin was NOT Happy and hit back pretty quick, with quite a bit of swearing and anger. Then ended with this: 

Our question to Zayn is, when are you going to stop Tweeting shade at people?! We think you should stop on twitter for a while.