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What has Perrie asked Zayn for for her 21st birthday?

Mr Zayn Malik is a member of the richest boyband that has ever existed! If you were his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards, what would you ask for for your 21st birthday?!

We would imagine she would ask for the biggest diamond known to man, or a Ferrari, or maybe even a super yaught?! Nope - Perrie doesnt want any of these...

She wants her very own fun-fair!!

One of Perrie's mates has told The Mirror newspaper in the UK - “She is so excited about her big birthday, and she loves fairs – she always has since she was a kid.

“She wants something fun and doesn’t want to go out and get hideously drunk. That’s not what she does. So she’s asked Zayn to get her a fairground near where they live in Barnet.” 

It turns out Zayn is going to hire a field somewhere, rent out lots of fun-fair rides and throw her a carnival!

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