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Tom from McFly and Buzz win with cuteness again!

It hasn't been long since Tom, the lead singer from Mcfly and McBusted went viral with his son Buzz with this adorable video! 

Cute right! 

Well if that's not enough, Tom Fletcher and his 16 month old son Buzz have done it again by singing at breakfast! Take a look here


We're feeling easy.

A video posted by TomFletcher (@tomfletcher) on

This isn't the first time Tom has gone viral. After his wedding day the band member uploaded his wedding speech to Youtube and racked up 15 million views, which are still climbing! 

A year later Tom took to Youtube again, to announce his wife's pregnancy. Just like last time, the views went up and up and up!  

9 months later little Buzz Fletcher was born and From Bump to Buzz was created, and once again Tom went viral, hitting 11 million views! 

And in May, Tom decided to take baby Buzz to the park, and 7 millions views later we still cant get over that laugh! 

We love seeing these videos and we can't wait to see more! Go Tom and Buzz!