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PERFECT! Meydan will have AC for Lady Gaga!

Don't worry Little Monsters - if you have tickets to see Lady Gaga when she touches down in DXB in 2 weeks time...

You can enjoy the show in a chilled enviroment!

There will be 100 (YES - ONE HUNDRED!) industrial sized cooling units to cool the crowd!

Organisers have said: “Competing against the heat of the UAE is always an issue when it comes to outdoor locations, which is why we are pleased to have the opportunity to manufacture a solution to cool different areas of the venue,”

The new machines will basically throw lovely, icey, chilled air into the sky - which will fall down onto the crowd!

If anything - it sounds like you need to take a jumper!!

Gaga is hitting Dubai on September 10th - tickets start at 495 AED... But you could win tickets for free! :)

Abu Dhabi Sunny Sunny 35°C
Ajman Sunny Sunny 34°C
Dubai Sunny Sunny 34°C
Fujairah Sunny Sunny 33°C
Umm al Quwain Sunny Sunny 34°C
Ras al Khaimah Sunny Sunny 33°C
Sharjah Sunny Sunny 34°C