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Leo borrows UAE Super Yacht!

Leonardo DiCaprio is celebrating the World Cup in serious style! 

The lavish hotels of Rio just aren't good enough - so instead he has borrowed the fifth biggest superyacht in the world which belongs to H.H Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister of the UAE

The good thing is if Leo & his pals get bored of the football - they have quite a lot to do on the Topaz....

Including a jacuzzi & swimming pool, as well as a fitness hall, cinema and a conference centre (JUST BECAUSE).

Plus the roads in Brazil can be a nightmare- luckily the superyacht has two helipads!

Leo has got the ultimate place to stay with 21 of his mates whilst he enjoys the world cup action!

Reminds us of a certain scene in the Wolf Of Wall Street...

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