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Justin Bieber's new track is a jigsaw puzzle!

If you've been living under a rock for the last month you'll have no idea that Justin Bieber is making a comeback! 

Biebs has been counting down his new track "What do you mean?" all over social media, in the form of a clock with a time on it. 

But now it turns out that the clocks mean so much more than we thought! 

He took to Twitter and personally messaged 49 Belieber's with one line of his track and a clock that signified which order the lyric should go in. 

Now it's to the Belieber's to come together, and decode the lyrics to put them in order!

So far the lyrics to be released are: 

"What do you mean when you nod your head yes, but you wanna say no?

What do you mean when you don't want me to move, but you tell me to go?"

Good going Biebs, now just release the song already!