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Justin Bieber risks going to jail!

Oh Bieber, you never suprise us anymore... 

Justin risks going to jail if he violates his probation - and that seems quite likely after the police were called SIX times in one night because of the loud partying at his Beverly Hills apartment!

TMZ have said that police received four complaints for noise on the rooftop of his apartment building on Saturday night.

Patrols cars were said to have been sent after each call, at 8:30pm, 12:50am, 1:50am and 3am. There were also two other complaints about paparazzi and fans.

The good news is that Bieber wasn't cited because he was a good boy and turned the music down each time.

He is currently on two years probation for egging his next door neighbour's house - like you do...

If the Beverly Hills police department alerts the LA County Probation Department, Bieber could face jail time.