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Harry Styles curing medical problems?!

Harry Styles has the power!

It seems that Hazza is so HOT that just looking at him can cure medical problems!

A directioner named Laura Yeates hadn’t spoken for an entire 6 months after suffering with laryngitis and pharyngitis.

However - as soon as she the boys came on stage at the One Direction concert in London’s Wembley Stadium - a (not really) miricle happened!

15 year old Laura has said... “On the day of the concert I was slightly upset because I would not be able to enjoy the atmosphere as much as the rest of the crowd.

But we got so close to the stage and as Harry came over, he chucked water over us.

I tried to scream, just to make him notice me, and when he blew a kiss in my direction, a scream came out.

I said to my mum, 'Mum listen' and as I tried to carry on screaming, my voice was coming back more and more.''

Harry has the power.

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