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Happy Anniversary Kimye!

As everyone, all around the world remembers Kim and Kanye's wedding, which happened last year. We've decided to do a little bit of maths and remember their first year of marriage in Dirhams. Shall we get started?


It's no secret that Kim and Kanye together are worth a lot of money. So much money that they have 2 mansions in LA, on in upstate Bell Air and one hidden in the hills. In total they have coughed up 113 million Dirhams for their 2 mansions. For Kanye though, the house wasn't quite big enough, so he bought next door for another 66 million Dirhams. 


Kim Kardashian has turned into one of the most respected fashion icons in the industry today, let just have a little look back though...

Oh yeah! She wasn't the most followed woman on Instagram back then, was she! 

Anyway, Kim Kardashian now spends on average 10,000 Dirhams a day on her beauty regime. This includes 24-Carat Gold facials, weekly eyelash extension appointments, laser treatment at 11,000 Dirhams a pop, manicures, pedicures, and hair styling. 


Kanye is known very well for his private jet habit, spending 45,000 Dirhams on a flight that covered 135Km, that's less distance than driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. Recently, Kanye thought he was like everyone else, when he decided to go to McDonalds Drive-Thru in his 2.7 Million Dirham custom-made Lamborghini. Yeah, Kanye.. Just like us.... Kim is no stranger to lavish cars either, regularly seen in a Roll-Royce and a state of the art Bentley! 

North "Nori" West: 

This little bundle of joy is cute, there's no doubt about it. 


North really loves her frozen roller bag!! She is too funny! ????????????

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The money Mummy Kim spent on North before she was even born totaled up to a whopping 91,000 Dirhams, on clothes she probably wore once and grew out of very soon after. Just like Mummy and Daddy, North is no stranger to diamonds, with a collection worth up to 1 Million Dirhams! 


Overall this year the Kardashian-West's have spend a staggering 210 Million Dirhams - Happy Anniversary!