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Everything you need to know about the One Direction Split!

It’s every teenager’s nightmare – One Direction have split.

With the likes of The Beatles, Take That and the Spice Girls, One Directions can now added to the list.

Twitter, is going insane:

With Professor Green winning with his tweets! 

But what’s really going in?

The boys have announced that their last show will be on 31st October in Sheffield, UK. The boys have been together for 5 years, and since March have been a foursome.

The boys don’t plan to tour their 5th album, but October will not be the last time you see the boys all together. After a break for Christmas, the boys will finish up commitments and split in March…. Exactly a year after Zayn left.

The plan is for them all to focus on solo project, and fatherhood for one, at least!

Rumours are flying around about what these projects actually are, so far Harry is going to Hollywood, Louis is going to be a judge on the X Factor, Liam plans to DJ and produce music, and nothing was said about Niall…

With the boys being worth around Dh144 million each, they can do whatever they want!

Take a look at the boys through the years below: