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Ellie Goulding breaks up a fight!

"Girls, what's up? That song is meant to be happiness, not fights," is all Ellie Goulding needed to say to stop a bunch of girls fighting in the crowd at one of her shows.

All of them kicking off in the audience stopped and looked at Ellie - probably feeling massively embarrassed!

At another point in the gig - Ellie saw someone getting a bit to excited in the corner of her concert, so once again stopped, she shouted in the microphone "No drink throwing. It's not nice. It's really annoying and it's [really] sticky!!".

After telling off members of the crowd of her headline show - one girl shouted back at Ellie... Miss Goulding wasn't taking any rubbish though replying "We've all got stories, doesn't mean you have to tell them."

Fair play Ellie!