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Ed Sheeran is allowed to name who's baby?!

When a couple is expecting a baby, deciding the name is the hardest thing to do… Because let’s face it, the kids gonna have that name for the rest of its life!

Expectant parents go down their family tree, look at websites, and even ask the internet for ideas on what to call their little bundle of joy.

But newly engaged couple Jesy Nelson from Little Mix and Jake Roche from Rixton have gone to extreme lengths to get a baby name… We don’t know why, they’re not even expecting one yet? Anyway – They have decided to let Ed Sheeran name their baby!

The deal was made when Roche asked Sheeran to sing while he proposed to Jesy! (awh)

Ed is allowed to give their baby it’s first name, only if Jake and Jesy like the name, it might just be a middle name otherwise!

The Little Mix singer revealed: ‘He said to Jay that he would do the proposal and then he was like, “But only if I can name your child.” And Jake was like, “Well maybe not their first name, you can give them the middle name.”‘