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Cara Delevingne could be the next bond girl!

We know that Cara Delevigne is an amazing supermodel.

Infact - she is currently the most expensive supermodel in the world!

Can she cut it being a bond girl starring alongside Daniel Craig?

Reports are currently saying that Cara is in talks with producers about signing the contract to be the next bond girl!! It isn't a dead set though...


A source told the MirrorOnline, “Cara hinted she would love to be involved, but the makers of Bond had already started considering her as somebody they would be interested in.

“Obviously she’s striking, she’s well known and she’s establishing herself as a talented actress.

“There would be a real buzz about getting her involved and the signs are all good. ­Everybody is excited.”

The latest bond film, Bond 24, is set for release in November 2015.