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Beyonce's new music video is set to cost millions!

Queen B is soon to make a return with a new music video yaaas! 

The thing is that the camera's haven't even started rolling and the video has already cost millions of Dirhams! 

Beyonce is know for her jaw-dropping figure and incredible outfits, so it's no surprise lots of money has been spent on the outfits for this video.

So far though, only shoes and a belt have been bought. These shoes cost 1.1 Million Dirhams, and the belt 290,000 Dirham! 

Yep! No expense spared for Bey, the shoes are made by British designer Christopher Michael Shellis and hold 1,290 precious stones, in total that 65.5 carats worth of diamonds, you also get the choice of 18ct gold or platinum on the shoe.... If you feel like spoiling yourself! 

If you want to buy a pair, the shoes are called Borgezie Princess Constellation Stilettos, you can't buy them online though. (Who'd have thought!) 

Beyonce's new music video is expected to be released in Autumn! 

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