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Ariana's latest diva demand

We feel people are being a little too hard on Ariana Grande sometimes when they call her a diva...

And then she goes and does something that totally justifies it!

Ariana Grande's latest diva demand is to be carried around by her security guard - like a baby.

We didn't really believe it to be honest - until we saw the picture above!

Just for a laugh, here are the other rumoured demands Ariana makes...

> She wants hotel conference rooms as dressing rooms! The bigger the better - usually 3,000 square feet!

> No-one must be in the hotel lobby when she arrives.

> Her entourage must go everywhere with her - thats around 21 people!

> You can only photograph the left side of her face - that's her good side.

> She fired her life coach because even HE called her a diva.

The list goes on...