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Parking zones are completely changing!

Dubai's parking system is changing dramatically, and if you pay to park on the regular, you need to know your new parking code! 

It was announced last month that the RTA are restructuring Dubai's parking system, and by the end of May, everything is expected to be completed. 

New parking codes have been added to certain areas around the emirate, currently, parking codes are coded by area - Now the codes will be changed by type of space. 

The old parking codes were A, B, E and F - The new codes will now be A, B, C and D. Don't worry if you have just renewed your parking permit though, all the new zones and rules will only apply to you after your permit expires. 

The new zones will be categorised depending on the type of card holder the driver has - for example category A will allow seasonal parking permit holders to park in all available zones. If you are a category B parking permit holder, you will only be allowed to park in zones B and D. 

Downtown Dubai and Business Bay are the newest areas to add paid parking zones, and while these are coded parking zones, permit holders will not be allowed to park there without paying. 

Now, if you're still keeping up, but you're slightly confused. Don't worry, so are we - but more information on parking zones will be revealed closer to when the new system is implemented!

The new systems come into play after the RTA announced the rise in parking prices across Dubai.