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Ever broke a world record?

With all those big world records being attempted, Channel 4's presenter JJ Thompson from 'Evenings in Demand' is challenging himself to attempt one!

If you've tuned into 104.8 this week, you must've heard one of JJ's crazy world record attempts!

Day 1: Sticking post-it notes to his face!

The record attempted previously was 58 notes in 60 seconds. Did he break it? Watch this funny video to find out!

Day 2: Max 'Dabbing' in a minute

JJ had to hit 300 dabs in 60 seconds to break the world record.. Watch how many he scored!


Day 3: Longest singing note!

JJ sang along 'Will always love you' from Titanic Movie.

He had 1 minute & 52 seconds to beat. Watch the video and have a laugh!

Day 4: Popping balloons without using his hands!

JJ had to pop over 46 balloons in 30 seconds to break the record. Watch how many he popped!



At least he tried?!


What World Record would you like JJ to attempt next?!



Published by - Dalia Amer