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Dubai's newest haunted attraction has opened!

At the start of the year we tried out the Dubai Zombie Challenge, at the abandoned Wonderland themepark next to Wafi. It scared us half to death, and many others that took on the challenge. But apparently that wasn't enough for the UAE, they're ready to be scared again. 

We've already got a haunted hotel opening up it's doors next month, but if you can't wait why not head to the Dubai Mall, and get scared out of your wits at Hysteria. 

This house of horrors has just opened up next to Sega Republic, and it's so scary they recommend children under 13 don't take the challenge... Oh and if you have heart problems! 

Hysteria takes brave contenders through a maze of rooms and corridors that are basically pitch black, to be greeted by spooky surprises at every turn. With the handy use of live actors hidden round every corner, the attraction is expected to be super realistic. 

The story behind Hysteria is that you are parents on a deadly quest looking for their children who have gone missing, but the twist is that the missing children could be up to something... Yeah, we're already freaked out, have you seen Sinister, that had missing kids in it, and it was terrifying! 

If you're brave enough to try out the spookiest attraction in the UAE, tickets are Dh100 per person, and it's open from 10am to midnight every day... We recommend the 10am experience, because then you wont have to drive home in the dark afterwards!