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Dubai's new smart radars to be controlled by phones!

Dubai Police are introducing the smart controller; a new device that can detect traffic violations more accurately than the existing radars!

The new radar system will be able to easily check recklessness of some drivers and discourage them from violating the traffic rules. 

This modern innovation has many additional features that helps the police ensures road safety.

Here's some of the new features of the smart controller!

1. High Quality Camera

 It has a high quality surveillance camera that can monitor traffic violations like exceeding the maximum speed limit and road obstruction as well as pedestrians crossing from non-designated areas.

2. Easily shifted and relocated

The radar can be fixed on road fences and move for a short distance to record the number of the violating vehicle.

3. Can be controlled through mobile phones

The device could be controlled by officers using a mobile application!

4. Sends you a warning message!

The smart controller can be used at many places to warn pedestrians where they cross the highways from non-designated areas by ringing an alarm and using microphones for transmission of warning messages to motorists or pedestrians!

Drive safe to avoid getting caught by the new radars as it can catch more violations than the standard radar!