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Did Game of Thrones fans bombard your timeline yet?

Social media is going crazy about the most popular TV series; GAME OF THRONES!

It's 6th season ended on June last year. The series was renewed for a 7th season, which premiered recently on July 16, 2017.

It's always common to see tweets from fans who watch the series, but the irony is the majority of tweets are from people who don't even watch Game Of Thrones! 

Since fans were tweeting about it so it blown up everyone's timeline! That's when they all started tweeting about it. Check out some of their hilarious tweets!

My favorite one was this!

That's how you know this series has succeeded! 

And guess what! The series will conclude with its 8th season in 2018 or 2019!

Game of Thrones fans, get ready for a new fantastic season! While people who don't watch it, your newsfeed is about to get bombarded! 

Published by - Dalia Amer

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