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Best reactions from International Roller Coaster Day!

An amusement park in Dubai has revealed the best reactions on one of their rides for International Roller Coaster Day! Check them out and have a laugh!

Reaction #1: This is fun but can it stop already?

Reaction #2: Nop! I did not see this coming!

Reaction #3:  Maybe if I close my eyes, it'll be over quicker!

Reaction #4: 2 types of people; enough said!


Reaction #5: Is it fun? Is it scary? It's hard to tell!

Images source: Dubai Parks and Resorts 

Aren't roller coaster pictures the funniest? I mean how can you keep a straight face on with high-speed dips and dives in the dark! 

We'll leave you with this hilarious reaction of Jacob Cummings from Channel 4's afternoon show! 


Published by - Dalia Amer