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9 Benefits of fasting you didn't know about!

Fasting has health benefits that might surprise you. Check them out!

1. Good for your body

Fasting lets your body rest and saves it from impurities.

2. Maintains your Energy

Fasting maintains physical energy, and works to distribute it according to what the body needs.

3. Helps with Digestion

Fasting improves digestion, facilitates absorption, and corrects the body from overfeeding.

4. Good for the Mind

Fasting helps to strengthen the mind.

5. Good for the Skin

Fasting refreshes the skin.

6. Cure Diseases

Helps cure some diseases and limits atherosclerosis, gout, and other heart diseases.

7. Improves Blood

Fasting helps reduce fat in the blood.

8. Helps Diabetes

Fasting helps diabetes patients, because it gives the pancreas a chance to rest.

9. Fights obesity

Fasting maintains the body and saves it from obesity.



Published by - Dalia Amer