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Abu Dhabi: Get a car wash or get a fine!

Ain't nobody got time for that? We think you should! 

What are the odds of keeping your car unwashed? Here's 4 reasons to keep your car clean!


1. Avoid getting a fine

Abu Dhabi Government have announced that motorists will start getting fines for not washing their cars!

So instead of paying 25 Dirhams for a car wash, you'll get a 3000 dirhams fine!

2. Stay Safe

People get in accidents every year because of dirty windows reducing visibility! Cleaning your car will reduce the risk of such accidents.

3. Protect the paint

Dirt, grime, and salt are natural enemies to your car’s paint. If exposed for too long, they will eat away at it, not only damage the paint but the metal too!

4. Feel happy!

Apart from laws and safety reasons, keeping your car clean makes your car look good all the time, and that will make you happy!



Published by - Dalia Amer