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About Kolter

He’s wild, witty, and way over-the-top. He’s a bit much, if we’re being honest. A little hard on the eyes, too. After growing up in Whitby, Canada—the cultural equivalent of warm water—Kolter somehow landed in Toronto, North America’s fourth largest city (suck it, Chicago). He was finally disappointing people who weren’t his parents.

At Ryerson University, Kolter met his wife, Dominique: she’s smarter and better looking (who isn’t), and never lets him forget it. Neither do we. After too many cold Canadian winters, Kolter wanted something warmer. The natural choice: here. When he’s not rambling on air, you can catch him working on his sunburn and yelling at clouds. 

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Perry & Blackwelder’s, at the Madinat. The brisket is better than breathing.


My apartment. Warm bath and a cold drink.


Melissa McCarthy. Even her curves have curves.


Lindsay Lohan. How do you spell “trainwreck”?


Fleetwood Mac, Toronto, 2013. They played three encores.


I’m incredibly neurotic, and it drives my wife nuts. She’s a real masochist.


I can tell the difference between butter and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!