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JJ Thompson (Duplicate)

JJ is a self proclaimed attention seeking plonker. Being from a family of 7, his constant need for attention is next level.

A teenage girl trapped in a man-childs body…Boybands, Twitter, Make-up… you know…the norm.

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Fave place to eat:

I'm new here, but SALTS BURGER is the one! If it wouldn’t give me an eventual heart attack, I would smash one of them everyday.

Fave place to chill:

By the pool, obvs! Mocktail in hand ;)

Celebrity crush:

Emily Ratjakvski – I don’t know how to spell it, and I refuse to google it cause ill be looking at her for hours. Genetic jackpot winner right there.

Dream guest:

Harry Styles, met him once and he just oozes cool. The nicest celebrity ive ever met by far.

Fave Concert:

Bruno Mars – He is the ultimate pop superstar, a showman and hilariously funny on stage with his Hooligans. Would recommend a live Bruno show to anyone.

Most annoying habit:

the fact im genuinely annoying, I don’t have an off switch and it gets on peoples nerves quite a lot. Good luck Jay ;) hahaha

Claim to fame:

I made it to live shows On UK X-Factor in a boyband (LOL!). Wouldn’t say im proud of it, but its my only claim.