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Avoid these foods at Suhoor! (Duplicate)

Suhoor meal is necessary during fasting since it provides you with energy through out the day, but there are certain foods that makes you thirsty! 

Here are what you need to avoid eating at Suhoor to reduce the feeling of thirst!

1.  High content of sugars and refined carbohydrates

Foods such as white bread and white rice are quick to digest and absorb, and they rapidly raise the level of glucose and insulin, and then decrease rapidly as well, which increases the level of hunger.

2. Salty Food

Avoid salty foods, such as salted nuts, pickles and others; to avoid increasing fluid loss and feeling thirsty.

3. Caffeine

Avoid taking Caffeine and energy drinks at the time of Suhoor, as it increases the loss of fluids and thirst feeling during fasting hours.

Delay the suhoor until shortly before dawn, and be careful to  drink water in appropriate quantities!



Published by - Dalia Amer