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Sea color changed at Jumeirah Beach! (Duplicate)

Some residents have noticed a change in the sea color at Jumeirah Beach for the past couple of days. 

Dubai Municipality has announced on social media that they have conducted tests and it showed that the change in color was caused by a type of Algal Blooms; which is a rapid growth of algae in water that results in a colored scum on the surface.

Dubai Municipality assures that its in no way harmful and will fade within the next 2 days!

No need to worry, Dubai Municipality got it covered and you can enjoy swimming this weekend!


. أكدت إدارة البيئة بأن تغير لون مياه البحر صباح الأمس في بعض الأجزاء من شواطئ منطقة جميرا هو نوع من أنواع ظاهرة الازدهار الطحلبي الموسمية غير الضارة من فصيلة (Trichodesmium erythraeum bloom)، والتي ستتلاشى خلال الأيام القادمة. وليس لها أية أضرار على صحة رواد الشواطئ، وقد قام فريق فني مختص من الإدارة بمعاينة المواقع وعمل الفحوصات المخبرية اللازمة. The Environment Department confirmed that the change in sea color yesterday morning in some areas of Jumeirah beaches was due to one type of algal blooms (Trichodesmium erythraeum bloom) which is not harmful and will fade in the coming days. This conclusion was based on the tests carried out by a specialized technical team from the department. #دبي #بلدية_دبي #إدارة_البيئة #شواطئ_دبي #طحالب #Dubai #mydubai #Dubaimunicipality #Environment_Department #Dubai_Beaches #Algalbloom

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