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Old School and Anthems

Old School and Anthems with Aquaventure Waterpark


Every weekday at 9am,1pm and 6pm, we take you back and get you reminiscing with 20 minutes of your favourite retro tunes, mixed up by Adam J. 

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It has to be Cheesecake Factory, I try to avoid 'eating out / ordering takeaways' as I’m a health / gym freak, but when I do 'cheat' I’m definitely team Cheesecake Factory all the way, and yes I always have space for cheesecake at the end. 

I normally meet up with my sister once a week and we always go for dinner at  Reem Al Bawadi on Jumeirah Beach Road, I love everything about the chain, the food, the decor and of course the shisha, its a great environment to lounge and catch up with my sister. 
I have quite a few so I’ve narrowed it down to 4, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Anniston, Kate Beckinsale & Salma Hayek. If I could take bits from all of them and combine them in to one that would be super amazing. 
Jim Carrey, he was my acting idol when I grew up. I was constantly mimicking him, and copying his moves, I would love to sit down and have a chat with the legend, share jokes and find out more about the man behind the mask. 
I have only been to 2 concerts in my life, Jay Z in London and Beyonce in Abu Dhabi, I would have to say my votes goes to Jay Z, he had an amazing line up of artists with him on that tour, and performed a lot of his old school tracks, which I grew up listening to.
I have food on the brain all day everyday, if I’m not eating, I’m searching for something to eat, or cooking, or food shopping, I think my food obsession has its good and bad points, it takes up a lot of my time. 
In 2012 I released my 1st single featuring Master Shortie & Allen Ritter - We Came To Party A year later my 2nd  single 'Love Is All We Need' featured Amelle Berrabah from Sugababes and the french duo The Nightcrashers. I am still producing music and releasing remixes, and will continue to do so as it has gone from a bedroom hobby, to being aired on radios and being played on the tv. 
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