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At 20 years old, Jacob is the youngest, yet most intelligent member of the Channel 4 family. Born in New Zealand, growing up in Australia and now living in the UAE, Jacob boasts a personality like no other.

Some people say listening to Jacob is as satisfying as listening to a baby’s laugh or hearing your crush tell you they love you. His witty and cheeky sense of humor will leave you smiling for days; tuning in to Jacob is a no brainer, so hop to it.


Why do you do this job? – Why wouldn’t I? Ever since my first On Air gig when I was 13, I feel like I’ve been working towards something… I’ve never known what that something was. I worked for some of the biggest radio networks in Australia but it still wasn’t enough. I needed more. Something not many do. Something to keep me on my toes. Something… revolutionary (not really) Like moving halfway across the world to Dubai. So I did it, and here I am LOVE-ING IT!

Life goal? – To not waste a single day

Go-To Pick up line? – “I once cooked a pie for Gordon Ramsay, and he liked it.”

Favorite place to chill? – Hotel pool with cold drinks coming my way

Best talent? – Being able to eat anything, and never, ever put weight on!

Favorite Quote? “Yesterday I wanted pizza, today I am eating pizza… follow your dreams!”

Worst Habit? – I never take anything seriously... I once got fired and I laughed, turns out it wasn’t a joke hahaha.

What is a classic Jacobism? – Snorting on air due to heavy laughter